Short Shorts.16  上映期間:11/1~11/29


The Second Bakery Attack

Carlos Cuarón / 10:00 / コメディ / メキシコ/アメリカ / 2010

ナットとダンの幸せな新婚生活は「お腹の音」で狂い始めた!お腹が空き過ぎて眠ることができない、そんなサイアクな状況を打破するために二人は・・・。果たして彼らの新婚生活はうまくいく? 村上春樹の同名短編小説を映画化!出演:キルスティン・ダンスト(『スパイダーマン』)、ブライアン・ジェラティ(『ハートロッカー』)

Nat and Dan are recently married, but they just had their first fight. An overwhelming hunger keeps them both awake one night. What can they do to quell their hunger and save their marriage? Adapted from Haruki Murakami's short story. Stars in Kiristen Dunst & Brian Geraghty.

Awards History

モレイラ国際短編映画祭 2010

Morelia International Film Festival 2010

Director / Carlos Cuarón


Born in Mexico City, Carlos Cuarón studied English Literature there at the UNAM. His first screenplay, "Love in the Time of Hysteria", directed by his brother Alfonso Cuarón, won a Mexican Ariel Award for Best Original Story. In 2001, Carlos received Oscar and BAFTA nominations for Best Original Screenplay for the breakout hit "Y Tu Mamá También." The wildly successful film won the Best Original Screenplay Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and was a box office success. In addition to features, Carlos has written and directed eight short films. He is an accomplished playwright and short story author. "Rudo y Cursi" marked Carlos’s feature directorial debut, starring Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna.