ダンスダンスダンスショートフィルムプログラム2015 全5作品  上映期間:8/16~9/14


A Tropical Sunday

Fabian Ribezzo /14:11 / ドラマ / モザンピーク / 2013


A Tropical Sunday is a comedy‐drama about Gito, Babu, Nuno and Lisa, four street children that at Sunday spend the time at the Maputo’s Funfair, looking for a chance to jump on a ride

Awards History

クレルモンフェラン国際短編映画祭 2014 (フランス)

Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2014 (France)

Director / Fabian Ribezzo

1968年生まれアルゼンチン出身。1990年から15年間アルゼンチンとイタリアで映像やテレビ番組製作を手掛け、ショートフィルム作品では21の国際的な賞を受賞する。2005年にはモザンビークに移住してAzabache Filmsを設立。

(Argentina, 1968) Cinema director, animator and script writer, Fabian Ribezzo has produced his cinematographic and television works in Argentina and Italy between 1990 and 2005, getting 21 international prizes for his short films : "Kill her or not?", "The gate","The outsider" and "The Change". He represents Italy in 52nd Cannes Festival as part of "Kodak European New Talent". In 2005 moves to Mozambique where establishes the Azabache Films, producing educational films, animations for children and documentaries to be shown in Mozambican villages.