ダンスダンスダンスショートフィルムプログラム2015 全5作品  上映期間:8/16~9/14


The Room

Massimiliano Battistella /13:30 / コメディ・エクスペリメンタル / イタリア / 2013


Two bohemian, eclectic, joyful, enthusiastic, desperate minds decide to meet at a secret rendezvous that best fits their common idea of love: nowhere. A never-ending story, a window on the allée of Time, where all that really matters is meaningless details, the only thing lovers could live or die for.

Awards History

ローマ・インディペンデント映画祭 2014 (イタリア)
クレルモンフェラン国際短編映画祭 2014 (フランス)

Rome Independent Film Festival 2014 (Italy)
Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2014 (France)

Director / Massimiliano Battistella


Born in Rome in 1985, he shoots short films since he was teenager. He studied at University of Rome literature and critic and now In Italy he works as assistant director/Casting assistant. He is a filmmaker who loves experiments and non conventional movies. Surrealism, art and comedy are elements of his world.