アジアショートフィルムプログラム2017 全4作品  上映期間:2/16~3/31



¥1,000:大人 / 学生     


A Grain of Wheat

鈴木 勉 / 17:59 / ドラマ / 日本 / 2016

横浜の歴史あるパン屋に、突然やって来たフランスのパン職人、絵里子。「このパン、泣いてる」と店主の本多に詰め寄る。年老いて頑固な本多と自由奔放な絵里子は相容れない。反発しながらも、パン作りを通して少しずつお互いを認め合うふたり。そして「日本で最初のパンのレシピ」を探すという、絵里子が横浜を訪れた真の目的は、ふたりの人生を思わぬ方向へと導いていく。 時間と国境を越えた、横浜ならではの物語がここに。

A French baker, Eriko, makes a sudden visit to a historical bakery in Yokohama. “The bread is crying,” she says to the bakery owner Honda. The old and stubborn Honda seems incompatible with Eriko who is free spirited. They have different attitudes towards the craft of bread making, but they start to feel mutual respect as they make bread together. And the purpose of Eriko’s visit, which is to find the original bread recipe, leads the lives of these two individuals in an unexpected direction. A story that reaches across borders and time in the city of Yokohama.

Director / 鈴木 勉


From Tokyo Prefecture. A film director. Has worked on various kinds of videos regardless of genre, such as music videos, TV commercials, and online videos. Directed the short film ""A day in the life of Beijing Hutong"" for the first time in 2008. Won the grand prize as the first Japanese to do so in the history of the convention at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the largest short film festival in Asia. Directed short films at a pace of 1 per year even after that, and was invited to over 30 international film festivals, where his films were screened.He has also worked on numerous sports-related videos, and is continuing his activities to popularize rugby for the Rugby World Cup, which will be held in Japan in 2019.