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On the Run

Gianguido Spinelli / 11:54 / コメディ / フランス / 2014


Jacque has ten minutes to run from the hotel room where he is spending the night with a woman, to the conjugal room where there is the phone number which his wife, who has left for weekend the ountryside, asked him to urgently transmit it to her. Begins a race against the clock, with as a bonus the risk of losing woman, children and house.

Awards History

ラ・ガレンヌ短編映画祭 2015 (フランス)
オタワ国際短編映画祭 2015 (カナダ)
シネマ35 2015 (フランス)
Corti Da Sogni 2015 (イタリア)

La garenne tout court 2015 (France)
Ottawa International Short Film Festival 2015 (Canada)
CinéMa 35 2015 (France)
Corti Da Sogni 2015 (Italy)

Director / Gianguido Spinelli

イタリア出身の脚本家で、ジル・ミモーニ監督作品”The Apartment (1996)”を手伝うためにフランスに移住。その後制作会社のIma Filmで働き、スクリプトドクターや脚本家として、映画やテレビシリーズの制作に携わる。"On the run(2014)"は2作目のショートフィルム監督作品である。

Gianguido Spinelli is an Italian writer who moved to France early in the 90’s to work with Gilles Mimouni on the development and the treatment of "The Apartment". He was afterwards hired by Ima Film, a production company as a writer/director, he worked on several projects. ("On the run") is his second short film as a director.